Personal Insurance



What would happen if you need to repair or replace your home and belongings from a fire or theft? What if you accidentally damage someone else's property? What if a visitor is injured at your home? What if...?

Let us help you design a homeowners insurance policy that is right for your needs and gentle on your budget.



What if  you were in an accident, damaged someone's property with your car, or were hit by someone without insurance?

Our job at Stoner Insurance is to keep you and your family safe by providing the right coverage at affordable prices.

Valuable Articles


Do you own jewelry, fine art, antiques or collectibles? 

Contact us to find out how to protect the value of your most treasured possessions.



 Do you own recreational watercraft? 

We can help you navigate the boat owners insurance market to meet your needs at affordable prices.



 Concerned about flood damage? Homeowners and renters insurance policies do not typically cover flood damage. 

Consult with us to determine your needs.



How can you best protect your family and assets? Personal umbrella coverage adds an extra layer of protection over your home and auto policy in the event of a large loss, and protects you in the event of a lawsuit. 

Contact us for information on why personal umbrella coverage may be right for you.